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JiJi Diversion Weir

發佈日期: 2011-07-15

: 發佈單位: 中水分署

瀏覽人次: 2107

Ji-Ji weir will become the management center of Zhuo-Shui river water resources to bring the anticipated project results in to effect and to unify the authorities in the future. In practical operation, on automatic monitoring and control system has been set up to collect and analyze hydrological data of the watershed and water consumption as well as ground water in formation for the basis of allocation, management and effective use of Zhuo-Shui river water resources.

1. Jiji weir has become the water resources management center of Zhuoshui River after the completion of the project. It has achieved our desired effect and unify the authorities.
2. To improve intake facilities, stabilizing irrigational water resources, allocating water resources effectively, and terminating disputes of water allocation. 
3. To provide industrial water for Yunlin Off-Shore basic industrial district.

Construction Period
The construction of Jiji weir started in July 1990 and completed in December 2001.

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