As a subordinate of the Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Central Region Water Resources Branch is responsible for water resources development, management of reservoir, catchments, and water reservation for the territory between the Zhonggang River in Miaoli County and the Beigang River in Yunlin County. It is our goal to pursue a sustainable use of limited water resources to ensure a flexible allocation and utilization of water resources. Upon Completion of “Hushan Reservoir Project” , the office has continuously worked on“Wu River Niaozuetian Artificial Lake Project”,“Hushan Reservoir Raw Water Pipeline II Engineering Project” and“Disaster prevention and Backup Well Construction Project”, belong to “Water enviroments” of “Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program”.


Taiwan is an island with limited natural resources, especially water resources. Due to expensive construction costs, severe environmental impacts and lack of social consensus, reservoir construction will not be the priority for solving water resource problems. Facing the challenges of climate change, water conservation and smart water management are our urgent efforts to promote.

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